Perceton Row, Dreghorn – old coal miners’ cottages

Pictures are proving popular, so I’ll add what I can.

This one is of Perceton Row, near Dreghorn in Ayrshire. These cottages are fairly unique in that they were built as a miners’ row and have survived: nearly all other ones are long since demolished. I have lots of Strachan ancestors living here at the time of the 1841 census.

My GGGG Uncle Robert Strachan, his wife, a granddaughter, a domestic servant and a lodger were in one of them. In another cottage was Robert’s son Andrew with his wife and four young children, and in another was Robert’s son John with his wife and two young children. Samuel Strachan, son of my GGGG Grandfather John Strachan was in yet another of the cottages with his wife and their first child.

The men were most probably working at Perceton Colliery. The row was likely to have been built by the mine owner for the colliery’s workers. I suspect Perceton Row would have been quite new in 1841, which may be one reason why so many Strachans moved in order to work at Perceton Colliery.

Perceton Miners' Row

7 responses to “Perceton Row, Dreghorn – old coal miners’ cottages

  1. Hi There, I was born in Perceton Row 1947. My father was a miner and died in 1953. I never found out the location of Perceton Colliery. If this is known I would love to know.
    Best regards

    • Hi William. An Ayrshire native – how lovely, but so sad you lost your father when you were so young. My father lost his coal miner father far too early. There’s an old OS one inch map from 1860 at which shows Perceton Fire Clay Works and two coal pits. The coal pits are a couple of fields west and a bit to the north of Perceton Row cottages. I assume these were Perceton colliery. It’s on Ayr Sheet XVII.10 (Dreghorn). I’ve had a look on a modern Google map and can just make out the line where the railway line to the two pits was. As you know the area you can probably make it out better than I can.

  2. Hi Judy. A cousin from Brisbane, AU, directed some of us here to see Perceton Row, as some family members lived here in times past. I’ve been to Irvine and Dalry in Ayrshire looking at my miners’ history but though I believe we found where their cottages once were, all that was left was a door frame in a stone wall. I’ve been in several miner’s cottages over the years and am really struck by how small they were, especially for raising large families! Thanks for this photo.

    • Hi Shelly – thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you found something of interest. How they managed in one or two rooms, with no sanitation or running water, and with such large families, is remarkable indeed. Sadly for family historians, much of the old mining communities in Ayrshire have long since disappeared, hence Perceton Row is very special because it’s still there!

  3. My grand parents lived in these houses inabout 1924 to about 1927 there names where rodert and isabell mclean

  4. Hi Judy . just discovered your site today, coincidental this morning I decided to go down to Dreghorn Cemetery and Church to look for some names, I have a Mary Ann Jane Scott born 1861 in Perceton Row, maried a John McCorquodale, and her father died 1861 in Perceton Row, hoping I will have a good day, look forward to hearing from you
    Best Regards

  5. Niki Korolek (Strachan)

    Hello Judy, I feel like I have found a gold mine with your site. I wonder if you could drop me an email. I am a descendant of John Strachan born 1819 (my GGG grandfather) and lived in Perceton Row. I am travelling to Scotland and will be going to different places to see where my ancestors have lived. Do you actually live in Scotland? If so, it would be wonderful to meet with you. Please let me know if this is possible. My sisters and I along with my Mom are travelling together.

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