Having a Sangster day

It’s snowing again, so I have a good excuse to stay in and do some research. I decided it was time to have a really good look at who my GGG Grandfather William Fraser was, and in particular who his parents were. I already knew he was the illegitimate son of Janet Sangster, from Brunthill croft near Hatton, Aberdeenshire, who, from the baptism entry for her son William, was most likely to have been a daughter of John Sangster.

So thanks to FamilySearch, Ancestry and ScotlandsPeople, I’ve narrowed down the possibilities and think I’ve worked it out. But as the records are thin on the ground it can only be the most likely possibility. I can’t say it’s certain. It does all fit, though.

So the bit about GGG Grandfather William Fraser has now been edited on the Fraser page here, and hopefully there will be more to write about the Fraser/Sangster line going back into the 1700s.

4 responses to “Having a Sangster day

  1. Hi Judy

    I have only now come across your blog, and already found some interesting things, and there may be one place where we are sort of connected.

    I am researching my wife’s father’s family tree in Aberdeenshire and have several lines back to the 17th century. Many of her ancestors come from northern Aberdeenshire, somewhat the same as you – locations like Fyvie, Methlick, Auchterless, Ellon, New Deer, Foveran and Belhelvie.

    So far the only name I have in common is Sangster. My wife’s GG Grandmother was Elspet Moir (b Methlick 1833). She married a John Sangster in 1852 and had three children before he died in 1957. Elspet went on to live a colourful life and have 4 other children by various partners, and it is one of those who is my wife’s ancestor (G Grandfather Thomas Stephen). So John isn’t an ancestor, though forms part of her tree.

    John was born to John Sangster and Helen Angus in Old Machar (I think) in 1829, and is found on several documents in Belhelvie and Ellon. His three children were Helen (1853), John (1854) and Elspet (1856).

    Does that ring any bells for your Sangsters? Just curious.

    Eric Hatfield

    PS You can see my half completed website at McNaughton Family History

    • Hello Eric, and thank you for posting comments on my blog. Glad you’ve found things of interest.

      I have to admit to not doing heaps of research on my Sangster connections, mainly due to there being so many people called Sangster in that area it becomes very confusing. The ones I know I’m distantly related to were from Cruden and Longside parishes, but as so many of them worked as farm servants they moved around a lot. Makes tracking them down interesting to say the least.

      Will check out your web site in case there’s anything else that rings a bell. I see from your email address that you are probably in Australia. There are a lot of descendants of Scots over there!


  2. Yes, I am in Sydney Australia. My wife’s father and her paternal grandparents were all Scots from Aberdeen, who migrated round the beginning of the 20th century. Other relatives went to America.

    I didn’t realise Sangster was a common name around there. I have done little about the Sangsters because he isn’t an ancestor, and there is a limit on what I can follow up. But I’ll keep reading and see what else I find.

    • So many on my tree migrated. I suspect I have more “cousins” in Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand than I do in Scotland!

      Sangster has proved to be a surprisingly common name in Aberdeenshire. Most were farm servants too, which meant they moved around quite a bit, so aren’t always easy to research. My Sangster direct ancestors was born in 1783 and I haven’t yet got round to tracing her siblings’ families forward in time.

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