Working as an ag lab until at least age 81

I’ve recently been doing online research into a line that links into my Fraser line by marriage. What a joy it was to come across a marriage of two people who were both baptised in the same parish some years earlier, went on to have all their children baptised in the same parish, and lived long enough to be in the 1841, 1851, 1861 and 1871 census, always at the same address.

It makes me wonder what their life together was like. Peter Watt was born in Bourtie, Aberdeenshire in 1779 and his future wife Helen Alexander in the same parish in 1785. They married in Bourtie in 1805, and over the next 17 years had at least 8 children. They made their first appearance in the census in 1841 at age 60 and 55, at a place with the wonderful name of Meikle Wartle. Peter Watt was a good old ag lab and was still an ag lab at 72 in 1851 and at 81 in 1861. By 1891, at 93 years old, he’d finally progressed to being a retired ag lab.

Most conveniently for their future family historians, they both waited until after the 1871 census to say goodbye to life. Helen went first on 1 January 1872 at 86 and Peter soon followed her in May 1872 at 93. On both death certificates the cause of death is given as simply senile debility. Clearly working as an ag ab for 70 years didn’t do Peter any harm, and puts grumbling about raising the pension age to 66 into perspective!

If all my ancestors had lead lives like theirs I’d have a lot more names on my tree than I do (and I have an awful lot). But on the other hand, I enjoy tussling with a problem. As nice as it was to race backwards so quickly, I suspect my research would start to feel a little dull if it was that easy with all of my ancestors.

One response to “Working as an ag lab until at least age 81

  1. The way things are going, sometimes I reckon I’ll be working till 81 as well. Have been chasing a moving target re retirement age for some years now.

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