A happy update to the Fraser page

I’ve just been updating my Fraser page, as after further research I’m now sure I’ve pinned down the parents of my ggg grandfather, who was born in 1805.

The Janet Sangster I identified as his mother most certainly was his mother. After researching where she lived after she married, and what become of the children she had with her husband William McWilliam, there are lots of overlap between her, her children and “my” William Fraser. It’s nice to know William grew up in a family household and, after he’d left home, was to remain in close contact with his mother and his half-siblings. It looks as if the McWilliam family lived on a croft at Nether Kinmundy, which although in the parish of Longside is just a few fields away from Mosside, where William Fraser leased the croft that was to be the Fraser family home until the late 1940s.

The moral of the story is that if you have what you think of as a brick wall, keep revisiting it, keep researching, and one day just one little clue might make you think a little bit differently, and down the wall tumbles.

I still need a bit more evidence, though, before I can say for sure that wounded at Waterloo William Fraser was the father.

2 responses to “A happy update to the Fraser page

  1. Thanks Judy. I’m enjoying this story so much as it unfolds.

  2. Thanks Su. I’m enjoying researching it! There’s always more to find out, isn’t there? And it can be surprising where it takes you.

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