My Haddow ancestors from Ayrshire

I’ve just added details to the Haddow page, which tells of my Great Grandmother Jeannie Haddow and her parents John Haddow and Amelia Murphy. I was glad to discover Amelia, as this told me why the name Amelia has run in the Strachan family: I had an aunt Amelia, known as Milly, who migrated to Canada. She was my father’s favourite sister and he missed her.

So that’s all the pages for my grandparents and great grandparents lines done now. When I have time I’ll write up what I know about the families that connect to my great great grandparents through marriage, and add more detail about the lives of the ancestors I’ve already put on a page.

Today, however, it is Sunday and it’s lovely and sunny outside, a very welcome change after the snow and rain of last week, so ancestors will have to wait as the garden is in need of some urgent maintenance.

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