That distinctive “Fraser look”

Thanks to images for US Passport Applications being online, I was able to see a photo of my 1 cousin 2 removed (my family tree software kindly worked that out). Alexander Michael was born 1891 at Boddom, Aberdeenshire to David Ewan Michael and wife Mary Ann Fraser, so he and my grandfather had the same grandparents. Alexander migrated to Massachussets in 1912 and was naturalised when he enlisted with the US Army during WW1. This meant he needed a passport for a trip to Scotland, with his wife, in 1924, and as a result I can see what he looked like, which is:

Alexander Fraser

The thing that strikes me is how closely he resembles my grandfather. I can also think of a couple of male relatives who have similar features, and I now think of this as the “Fraser look”. Of course, it may have been handed down through the grandmother my grandfather and Alexander shared, rather than their grandfather, so could actually be a “Logan look”. It meant, however, that I could go “yes, this one’s mine” as soon as I saw the photo and before I read the details on the application (which fortunately fitted perfectly).

My grateful thanks go to cameras and to modern day online technology.

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