Yorkshire family photo taken 1893

I love this photo, sent to me by my second cousin, of some of my Yorkshire ancestors. The only problem is that neither of us knows who everyone is! But we can date it by who we do know.

The Senior or Green Family circa 1893 001 (2)

Just in case anyone doesn’t realise, you can see a much larger version of a blog pic by clicking on it.)

On the far right, seated with the baby girl on her lap, is my great grandmother Charlotte Green nee Senior. The little blonde haired boy to her left is her eldest son Willie, in the middle at the front is her second child Edward, and on her lap is her daughter Alice. As Alice was born in January 1893 and is just a few months old when the photo was taken, this gives it a date. (Alice also looks startlingly how I look in my baby photos!)

So trying to work out who everyone else could be, I studied my family tree to pinpoint the elderly couple. Thinking they could well be Charlotte’s grandparents, the question became – did she have any grandparents who were both still alive in 1893? The answer is she did: her mother’s parents, George Simpson and his wife Charlotte nee Haigh. In 1893 they would have been 82 and 76 respectively, and the couple in the photograph are certainly old.

In the 1891 census George and Charlotte Simpson were living at The Green, Royston (north of Barnsley). Also living at The Green in Royston in 1891 were Edward Senior and his wife Mary nee Simpson, Charlotte’s parents. So was the photo taken near where they lived in Royston? Someone has clearly taken their best chairs outside!

So – some other guesses. The woman at the back, with her hands on the chair, could be Mary Senior nee Simpson. And is the man standing next to her husband Edward Senior?Are the other people Edward and Mary’s children and grandchildren? Studying their ages in 1893, they do seem to fit.

If what I’ve worked out is true, this is a photo of my great grandmother, my great great grandparents, and my great great great grandparents. Plus assorted great and great great aunts and uncles. How I wish I could find out for sure!

I do love the clothes they’re all wearing. They’re obviously in their Sunday best, and given that it would have been taken late spring/early summer (given the age of baby Alice), it’s possible it was taken on Whitsunday, when it was traditional to wear your very newest and best clothes. Though I can’t help shuddering at how much work was involved in washing and ironing those baby clothes!

3 responses to “Yorkshire family photo taken 1893

  1. Love this photo thank you for sharing! I cant help but admire the detective work you put into working out who is who. Once I get my hands on my collection of family photos i have much the same to do as who our family history tells us they are of cannot possibly match, they are too young for the photograph technology to match their age.

  2. What a brilliant family photo.

  3. It’s fantastic, isn’t it? I love the detective work on trying to figure out how people “fit” onto a tree. I’ve long suspected that if my tree had been easy to put together I’d have got bored long ago!

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