Golden Wedding report from 1910

Under the “Strachan” tab (above) I’ve added a page that contains a transcript of a newspaper report from a 1910 issue of the Kilmarnock Standard that I came across online. I assume it was put online by a descendent of the featured couple so, whoever you are, thank you.

The couple are Janet Strachan, daughter of my ggg grandfather’s brother, and her husband Alexander Lindsay (known as Alex). The newspaper article published to celebrate their 50 years of married life gives a lovely insight into coal miners’ lives at the time, and is reassuring in that the picture it paints is of a better lifestyle than we might perhaps imagine. Certainly they worked very hard and lived in houses we’re very glad we don’t have to live in, but there was also a very obvious sense of family and community pulling together and making life as good as they could. And they had time for leisure: Alex Lindsay was a star of the local Quoiting Club and a keen angler, as well as being on a local education committee. They both came from large families, had twelve children and, by 1910, had 42 grandchildren.

Janet’s birthday was today, so when I was looking up “who did what today” she was on the list, which reminded me of the newspaper article.

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