Finding lost cousins

Isn’t it fantastic when genealogy puts you in touch with relatives you’d lost touch with long ago or didn’t even know existed? Like all families, I suppose, mine splintered – two world wars and increased mobility meant a lot of people moved away from what had been home. My family research has made me realise how close extended families were in “the old days”, and I wonder if it’s partly nostalgia for that long gone sense of family and community that draws up to tracing our family’s history.

Today I received an email from someone who shares the same Yorkshire great-grandparents: we only found out about each other’s existence a year or so ago, through an online genealogy site. We’ve both done lots of research and he has the good fortune to live not far from where our ancestors are from, so we’re now planning a “family reunion” to meet and compare notes. I’ve also been in touch with two other people descended from the same great-grandparents, so the Green great-grandchildren have done well at finding each other again, despite having lived such different lives in such different places.

My relation is currently focussing on the Green family’s innkeeping activities in Worsbrough – we seemed to have had a near monopoly on running the coaching inns on the toll roads in that neck of the woods before the railways took over. I can’t wait to find out more.

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