On 2 April

Oops! I typed this up yesterday then forgot to post it.

2 April 1738
Birth or baptism of Margaret Weir at Mauchline, Ayrshire, daughter of William Weir. I think William is my ggggg grandfather, as he had another daughter named Sarah Weir who may be the one who married James Logan and had a daughter Agnes. When you get back to the 1700s, though, it can be difficult to prove connections even though you strongly suspect them.

2 April 1817
Elizabeth Strachan born at Riccarton, Ayrshire, daughter of my gggg uncle Robert Strachan and his wife Jean Kelly, which makes Elizabeth my first cousin 4 times removed. Further research on her has proved inconclusive.

2 April 1842
At Longside, Aberdeenshire, Alexander Hutchison married Margaret Hutchison. He was the brother of my ggg grandmother Christian Hutchison (or Hutcheon as it was often written). Margaret was his second wife and was the daughter of Alexander Hutcheon and Jean Sangster, both names that reoccur on my family tree. In the 1841 census, Margaret Hutcheon is living independently with nine year old Margaret Sangster. My ggg grandfather William Fraser, who married Christian Hutcheon, had a mother named Sangster. It would seem that at that time, in that place, there was a lot of inter-family marriage going on. Continuing to sort out the tangle of Frasers, Hutcheons and Sangsters is a permanent item on my to do list!

2 April 1981
Birth of a second cousin up in Aberdeenshire, grandson of my mother’s cousin. He shall be nameless on here, but Happy Birthday relative!

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