On 7 April

7 April 1884
John Edward Burton, first cousin three times removed, was born at Stanley, Yorkshire and lived at Alverthorpe. Thanks to digital images of most West Yorkshire CofE baptism, marriage and burial records now being online, as well as the census up until 1911, it’s been relatively easy to track down my Yorkshire born ancestors’s relatives. John worked in a mineral water bottling works and then a brewery before he married in 1912.

7 April 1893
Birth of Mary Ann Eliza Michael at Boddom, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my great great aunt Mary Ann Fraser and David Ewan Michael. Mary Ann’s family lived for a time, when she was a child, at Wickersgill near Shap in Westmoreland, England, where her father David was working as a granite quarry foreman, but by 1911 they were living at Little Tillyland in Cruden parish and Mary Ann was a 17 year old dressmaker. She married Thirlow Hill in 1912, who was also a granite quarrier, and had several children. When she died in 1956 they were living back in Boddam. That her family spent time living near Shap gives me a lovely little coincidence, as I’ve driven through Shap several times on my way to a holiday cottage to stay with friends for a Lake District walking weekend. At the time I didn’t know I had Scottish ancestors who used to live close by.

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