On 9 April

Lovely story from an old newspaper cutting that appeared on today’s date celebrating my ancestor Robert Strachan.

9 April 1713
Baptism of Abraham Rock at Worsbrough, son of Abraham Rock. He is my gggggg grandfather as his daugter Alice Rock married Joseph Green.

9 April 1811
Baptism of ggg aunt Alice Green at Worsbrough, daughter of Joseph Green and Ann Cox.

9 April 1898
The following appeared in the Dundee Courier & Argus: the Robert Strachan who won a prize was the son of my gggg uncle.
Dundee Courier & Argus, 9 April 1898
Who are the oldest miners still working?

That is the question which has been answered by a competition in the Weekly News. That there is no hardier or more daring body of men in the country than those who work in the bowels of the earth goes without saying, but few people are aware that a number of miners can lay claim to having worked underground for well nigh “the allotted span” of life. These veterans, of course, were early engaged in the pits, many of them having been working when they were but eight years of age. They have recollections of the time when women were employed in the mines, and several of them have stories to tell of being carried to the pits on their fathers’ backs. Mr Alex. Russell, Church Street, Tranent, remembers one very stormy winter when his mother bore him to the pit in her creel. Mr John Laws, Blyth, who has been awarded first prize, has a record of sixty-nine years, and can fairly lay claim to be the “father” of British miners. The other prizes have been awarded to John Harrower, Grangemouth; Robert Strachan, Kilmarnock; Colin Campbell, Shiremoor; Joseph Gilmour, Larkhall. …
Mr Robert Strachan was born about the same time as Mr Harrower (1823), but was half a year younger in making his first practical acquaintance with life underground (7 or 8 years old), when he was taken to the Moorfield Pit. Afterwards he was engaged at Skerlington, Hurlford, Burnbank, Gauchland, and Galston, and has now come back to the first mentioned.

9 April 1952
My cousin once removed who lives in the north-east of England was born. Happy birthday cousin! This shows how the generations go out of age sync when people had a lot of children over a large span of years. I’m actually his mother’s cousin but I’m only six months older than him, due to my being the youngest child of a youngest child. His grandfather was my father’s older brother.

2 responses to “On 9 April

  1. So Robert Strachan first went down the mines at 7 or 8? Poor wee thing. Look you’ve got me commenting in Scottish now. Lovely newspaper article – is that The Weekly News that’s still going, the one that takes short stories?

    • They all did, though they didn’t become hewers until later in their teens. Which has given me yet another idea for an article. And oh yes, I bet it was the same Weekly News that’s still going strong. Good old D C Thomson: I have fond memories of being given a Broons annual every Christmas by my father (which I suspect was so he could read it too).

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