Update to Hutcheon page

I’ve just added a scan of the OPR baptism of Agnes Bruce to the Hutcheon page. She was illegitimate and it looks as of her father, Andrew Bruce, came from Cruden. There are a few words that are difficult to decipher so I’m including the scan here. Anyone want to figure out what it says? I think it’s:

” October 1st Bruce Andrew Bruce in the Cruden ???? ??????? had a child born of Isbel Keith in this parish begotten in fornication and baptised Agnes John Farquhar in little Milbo(?) being sponsor Witnesses the said John Farquahar and Alexander Milne Kirk Officer

1781 Baptism Agnes Bruce

4 responses to “Update to Hutcheon page

  1. I think one of your words is “deceased” I can’t quite make out the word in the dark shadow at the end of the first line.

  2. I agree with genealogy lady there! Deceased, for sure. Did he die before his child was born maybe? Didn’t read the whole thing as I’m in a bit of a rush right now but will look at it later!

  3. Could the word after Cruden be ‘mine’? Did he die in a mining accident? Not usually what you see on a baptism record but I’ve seen stranger things written in them!

  4. Thanks everyone, I agree it’s deceased. I also posted it on a genealogy forum, and someone there thinks ‘the’ has been crossed out, and it then reads “Cruden now deceased”. Plus someone who knows Crimond thinks John Farquhar was from Little Bilbo. That Andrew Bruce had died before the birth of Agnes is, I suppose, a reasonable excuse for his not marrying Isbel Keith!

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