About on today’s date

I do hope I’m not boring everyone with the “on today’s date” posts, but they’re really useful for a number of reasons. An unexpected outcome is they’re bringing people to the blog via search engines for all sorts of varied reasons. They’re helping to remind me of who is on my family tree, as it’s easy to forget the details of research you did years ago. And when I’m writing it up, I often find a missing detail that I can have a quick search for, and often fill in a few blanks as a result, or at least make a note of what I need to look for. I’d recommend it to keen genealogists, even if you don’t want to blog the results.

2 responses to “About on today’s date

  1. It’s a good idea! And I for one am not bored though I do prefer your longer in-depth posts.

    • I have three longer articles started but not finished, so must get on with at least one of them. I do tend to suffer from a butterfly mind! Also, the sudden appearance of spring after such a long winter has made the outdoors highly desirable.

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