On 12 April

12 April 1838
Birth of Alexander Lindsay who married Janet Strachan. A transcript of the newspaper report about their Golden Wedding anniversary celebrations can be found under the Strachan tab. He started working down the pits when he was 9, was a coal miner all his working life, and died in 1913 at the age of 74.

12 April 1841
Birth of Robert Strachan at Dreghorn, who according to my family tree software is my second cousin three times removed. In other words, his great grandparents were my gggg grandparents. There are a lot of Robert Strachans in my family tree, including my father, who was the first Robert Strachan on my tree who wasn’t a coal miner. The one born in 1841 was, of course, a coal miner, married Jane Corrance, and lived in Irvine, then moved back to Dreghorn where he lived, close to a lot of relatives, in Corsehill Square (a miner’s row). He died in Dreghorn in 1903 age 61.

12 April 1985
Today’s the birthday of the granddaughter of a cousin on my father’s side.

2 responses to “On 12 April

  1. I have an Alexander Lindsay born Strathend, Cruden on Oct 10 1738.Wonder if you have any names upstream of the Alexander Lindsay who married Janet Stachan?

    • The Alexander Lindsay who married Janet Strachan was born, lived and died in Ayrshire – opposite end of Scotland, I’m afraid. His parents were John Lindsay and Mary Wilson and he was born in Tarbolton.

      I’ve just checked my Fraser tree, which is the side that comes from Cruden, Aberdeenshire, but no mention of anyone with the surname Lindsey.

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