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I’ve discovered that when you have a blog you can get a bit obsessed with checking your stats. I’m pleased to have acquired plenty of followers so quickly – thank you all – and am also getting lots of visitors via search engines. Looking at the summaries of where people who’ve visited are from, Canada is in the lead, followed by the United States and then the United Kingdom. Next is Australia followed by New Zealand. Given the patterns of Scottish migration, this is hardly surprising. I’m beginning to wonder whether there are more people of Scottish descent living in Canada and the United States than there are in Scotland!

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  1. When my family first came to New Zealand (from Scotland) it seemed like everyone we met claimed Scottish ancestry; including some of the Maori men my dad worked with. We realised quite quickly that it was part of the Kiwi psyche to see the Scots as the same sort of fighters against the “English” class system that Kiwis believed themselves to be. And while it’s clear that probably most white New Zealanders had some Scottish ancestry, even more had English ancestry they didn’t want to admit. There was a real down on “poms” which has thankfully disappeared with more recent waves of migration.

    • It was a bit like that in Australia, where I spent some years. People were proud to have ancestors who were Scottish, Irish or convicts, but didn’t say much about their English ones. Hopefully it’s changed there too. Though as I have Scottish, Irish and English ancestors, it made not much difference to me.

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