On 16 April

A sad mining accident death to report today.

16 April 1765
Baptism of Jean Fraser at Arbroath, Angus. She was the daughter of Donald Frazer and Margaret Sharp, who later lived in Cruden, Aberdeenshire and had a son William Fraser who I strongly suspect was the father of my illegitimate ggg grandfather William Fraser. That would make Jean Fraser William’s aunt. Difficult to trace Janet due to lack of records, but she might be the one who was married in Cruden in 1798 to Thomas Buchan.

16 April 1815
Birth of David McWilliam at Longside son of William McWilliam and Janet Sangster, and half brother of my ggg grandfather William Fraser. David worked as a sawyer, married Elizabeth Ewan, had at least 12 children and lived in Peterhead. A sawyer was someone who cut timber into planks using a saw pit. David died in 1886 at the age of 70.

16 April 1890
Peter Strachan, grandson of my gggg uncle Robert Strachan, died in a mining accident. His death certificate reads:
“Peter Strachan coal miner married to Ann Hendry, 1890 April 16th Broomlands Pit, Parish of Irvine. Male age 43 years, parents Andrew Strachan coal miner deceased and Elizabeth Strachan ms Howat deceased. Fracture of base of skull. Informant Andrew Strachan brother. Entry has been annotated but is hard to read: “Result of … See Reg of …. Vol2 p47 31st May 1890.”
It is a mining death and is recorded online at http://www.scottishmining.co.uk/Indexes/1890deaths.html and the entry says:
1890 April 16, Broomlands No. 8, Dreghorn, Bourtreehill Coal Co, Peter Strachan miner age 43; category: falls of roof and sides; cause: fall of roof at working face.
Peter left a wife of 40 years old and 9 children aged from 22 down to 7, and there is a MI for him in Dreghorn churchyard.
Peter Strachan MI
I found this photo online.

16 April 1982
A Strachan descendant of the younger generation was born on Tyneside.

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