Genealogy: a bad weather interest?

I’m aware I’ve done very little with my genealogy notes for well over a week, and there’s a good reason. It’s spring at last and the weather has been dry and fine, so my time has been taken up with gardening, horse riding, helping out at the rescue centre and just getting outside and enjoying the feel of fresh air. Which has made me wonder who else does a lot more online research, note sorting and reading when it’s wet and cold outside. The only reason I’m inside this afternoon is it’s started raining!

These days, there’s so much that can be done from the comfort of your own home, close to a kettle for those frequently needed cups of tea. (Stopping for a cuppa is a great way to gather thoughts and idea, I find.) It’s a brilliant way to spend a cold and wet winter day.

However, I’m hoping for fine weather towards the end of next week as I’m off down to Barnsley to meet up with a second cousin and fellow genealogist to be shown around my Green family haunts, which happily means doing a bit of a pub crawl as they were innkeepers. It’ll be good to get out and about again instead of sitting in front of a computer screen.

It’s also spurred me on to start planning in earnest for my summer trip to Scotland. I’ve not been up there for ages, and the last time I went was in the middle of winter, so I can’t wait too see my ancestors’ places in (hopefully) fine weather.

One response to “Genealogy: a bad weather interest?

  1. Genealogy research for me seems to be an all-weather pursuit, but it is easier to justify when the weather is poor. With the slow to arrive Ontario spring, there’s been lots of time to find ancestors and check out the books you’ve recommended.

    Your blog gave me the idea last week to develop a simple family reunion web site for the 100th anniversary this summer of the immigration to Canada of my Dutch grandparents (on my father’s side). I have included a daily blog of what I know of their story. They were married on July 1, 1913 – Canada’s birthday – departed July 5, arrived at Ellis Island in New York on July 14 and shortly thereafter made their way to Canada. Within three years their first child (my father) arrived.

    So, again thanks for your interesting blog; keep up the good work.

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