On 1 May

In today’s events, after three false starts resulting in three illegitimate children, my ggg aunt Isabella Fraser got married.

1 May 1857
Birth of Agnes Caldwell at Galston, who married William Strachan, son of Robert Strachan and Janet Ross Gilmour. She was William’s second wife and he was her second husband, and she was the daughter of John Caldwell and Martha Yeudall. Agnes and William married in 1892, and by 1901 had a large family with 1 of Willliam’s children still at home, 5 of Agnes’s children from her first marriage, and 3 children born since their second marriage. William Strachan was, of course, a coal miner and they lived at Goatfoot Row, Galston. Agnes died in Galston in 1943 at the age of 86, so it looks as though she spent her entire life living in the same coal mining village.

1 May 1862
Birth of Peter Strachan at Riccarton, son of Robert Strachan and Janet Ross Gilmour and therefore brother of the William mentioned above. Peter died in 1864 at Riccarton at 2 years of age.

1 May 1924
My first cousin Helen was born in Glasgow. She’s too recent to give more details about here, but she lives in Scotland.

1 May 1858
My ggg aunt Isabella Fraser finally got married. She was 30 and had had 3 illegitimate children with 3 different fathers, so I can’t help wondering if the family breathed a large sigh of relief when George Wallace married her. George was a widower, 20 years older than Isabella and the farmer at South Hay Farm, Cruden, Aberdeenshire. It’s possible that Isabella worked for him as a domestic servant. Soon after her marriage she had a domestic servant of her own, her younger sister Elizabeth. Ironically perhaps, given Isabella’s track record, she and George didn’t produce any children. George and Isabella had given up the farm and become grocers at Whinnyfold, Cruden by 1881. But George and Isabella eventually became paupers, and after George’s death Isabella lived at Midmill Lodging House, Cruden, headed by the Mutch family and with 3 other elderly lodgers. Isabella died there in 1894.

2 responses to “On 1 May

  1. I’m constantly amazed at how much research you have done! Makes me want to get back to my own but so little time, so much else to be done. Don’t remind me you’re retired. I know and am green.

    • Ah, but it’s taken around 15 years to accumulate this much – and given the very large families so many of my ancestors had, I do have a very large tree. And yes, retirement helps. It’s wonderful, and you will get there eventually!

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