A day out exploring Worsbrough and Barnsley

A big thank you goes to my second cousin Robert Green, and the gorgeous Ted the terrior, for taking me around Worsbrough and Barnsley on a conducted tour of our Green ancestors’ stomping grounds. Worsbrough contains some very beautiful spots and has the most fantastic views south.But it has to be admitted that industrialisation, and in particular coal mining, didn’t do the Barnsley any favours from an aesthetic point of view, nor did 1960s architecture, but back in the day when the Greens were busy running coaching inns on the old toll roads and working in the linen bleaching fields, Worsbrough must have been a very pretty place indeed. Some lovely old architecture has survived, though sadly not all the old coaching inns.

The church of St Mary’s in Worsbrough village (opposite the Edmunds Arms) is a particularly fine example of a very old Norman country church, expanded over the centuries since but still small and perfectly formed, so I’m hoping the photos I took turn out well and I can post them here. I also took photos of two Green family gravestones in the churchyard, which contained some detail I wasn’t aware of, so I’m thrilled to have had access to them.

Thanks to the M1 the journey from Leeds to Barnsley takes no time at all, so I will be certainly visiting again.

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