On 8 May

Today is reminding me that I need to sort out my notes and research on my Marshall ancestors from Kilmarnock. Plus a hint of the bigamy story yet to make its appearance here.

8 May 1720
Birth of Robert Marshall at Kilmaurs, son of Francis Marshall and Mary Gibson. I need to sort out my Marshall research, but at the moment I think Robert is the brother of my gggg grandfather Alexander Marshall.

8 May 1773
Birth of Agnes Logan, my ggg grandmother, in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. The daughter of James Logan and Sarah Weir, Agnes married Robert Marshall (no, not the one above but they were related) on 10 February 1792 and had 11 children, the youngest of whom was my gg grandmother Sarah Marshall. Agnes’s husband Robert Marshall was a saddler and her father James Logan was a shoemaker, both from Kilmarnock. Agnes’s husband Robert Marshall died before the first census, as in 1841 Agnes Marshall age 70 and a pauper is at Capron Close, Kilmarnock with Janet Baillie a washer age 40 and George Baillie age 5. I’ve yet to work out who Janet was, as Agnes didn’t have a daughter called Janet or any variation of that name. In 1851 Agnes is at New Street, Kilmarnock, age 80 and a stocking knitter and pauper, with Agnes Carl age 33 and Agnes Laurie age 12, both lodgers, sewers and unmarried. By 1861, Agnes is living with her widowed daughter Sarah McAnarney (the spelling given for McInerney) and Sarah’s 6 children at Fore Street, Kilmarnock – Agnes is said to be age 93 and bed ridden, but she was actually 88. She then becomes a mystery as despite searching using every possible clue, I can’t find a death certificate for her. Her daughter is still in Kilmarnock in 1871, so it’s logical that’s where Agnes died, but even widening the search has produced nothing. One to try and sort out next time I’m in Edinburgh.

8 May 1932
My cousin was born in Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, to my father’s older brother Henry (Harry) Strachan and his “wife” Mary Campbell. I say “wife” because Harry had been married before and his second marriage was bigamous, hence my father always referred to him as the black sheep of the family. We all have at least one! As is usual with my father’s side, my cousin is a lot older than I am, and I’m the same age as her children, one of whom I’m in contact with. There will be more to say about the bigamous marriage when it is Harry’s turn to be featured, but for now – no, he didn’t get away with it.

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