Weird coincide on an OPR page

Researching John Logan and Isobel Booth, my ggg grandparents from Old Deer, Aberdeenshire, I downloaded the OPR page containing their 1832 marriage. Amazingly, the marriage immediately before theirs was for George Hay and Mary Taylor, and George Hay was my ggg grandfather.

John Logan and Isobel Booth had a daughter Mary, who married Alexander Fraser and had a son named William Fraser. George Hay and Mary Taylor had a son called George Hay, who had an illegitimate daughter with Helen Watt named Helen Hay. William Fraser married Helen Hay.

To add to the coincidence, Mary Logan died after just a few years of marriage and Alexander Fraser remarried. His second wife was called Margaret Booth. Was she related to his first wife’s mother? I have yet to find a link but have a sneaking suspicion there will be one.

This isn’t the first time I’ve downloaded something from ScotlandsPeople and found more than one record that has a place on my tree. Has anyone else had any useful ‘two or more on a page’ downloads?

4 responses to “Weird coincide on an OPR page

  1. I have not been as lucky as you. Someday perhaps my turn will come. It seems my family likes to stay hidden in the shadows.

  2. Yes, two consecutive marriages. Looks like it was a joint wedding of two siblings, plus more of their siblings there as witnesses. What a fab occasion that must have been, though interestingly they all trotted up to London (from Worthing) for the weddings.

    • I’ve found a joint wedding too. It was the granddaughter and daughter of a Strachan ancestors, and they married on the same day in the same house, so I assume it was a double wedding. Unfortunately whoever wrote up the marriage certificates got confused and gave them both the same set of parents, which wasn’t the case. My double wedding was in a mining village in Ayrshire, and most relatives would have simply trotted along from the neighbouring houses!

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