Music to “Jeanie Strachan”

One of today’s featured ancestors is Munro Strachan, who was a Pipe Major with the Scots on Tyneside. He wrote and arranged music too, and searching online I found the music to a piece he wrote called “Jeanie Strachan” – which I’m assuming he named for his daughter. I thought I’d post it here as it means my cousin Colin in Canada now has music bearing the same name as his mother.

Jeanie Strachan music

5 responses to “Music to “Jeanie Strachan”

  1. At the risk of sounding like an overexcited teenager, that is just so awesome!

  2. Thanks Judy; as my music reading and piano playing days are long forgotten I have forwarded your blog to my Daughter Lisa and requested that her daughter Nicole, an accomplished pianist give it a go and advise me . Colin.

  3. Be good to know what she makes of it. A pianist friend here is having a go and has promised to send me an audio, but the feedback so far is it’s a pig to play on the piano as it’s fast and very twiddly! But I love finding out unusual things like this – adds colour to the tree.

  4. Hi Judy; We were at my daughters’ today for our grandaughter Nicole’s birthday. She advised that she is still working on the music of ‘Jeanie Strachan’ but has not mastered it as it is quite difficult. I will keep you posted. Your’s, Colin.

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