On 21 May

A reminder that there are a few coal miners on my two Yorkshire trees, so I have coal miners on the family trees of three out of four of my grandparents.

21 May 1792
Baptism of Jean Hay in Tarves, Aberdeenshire daughter of of my gggg grandparents Alexander Hay and Margaret Daniel. And that is all I know about her at the moment, as she has a very common name for that location and if she did marry, I don’t know which marriage is hers. There’s a puzzle attached to her, though, as there was a second baptism on the same day, to the same parents, of a child who wasn’t named. Was there a twin who wasn’t expected to survive?

21 May 1903
Baptism of Gladys Slee at Thornes, Wakefield, Yorkshire, daughter of John Slee and Lilian Burton and a descendent of my ggg grandparents William Green and Sarah Firth. Sadly Gladys died in 1904, age 1, at Basford, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Her father was a coal miner.

21 May 1947
A first cousin was born in Leeds.

2 responses to “On 21 May

  1. Hi, I am also related to the Slee family. John Slee was my G,G Grandmother Ellen Slee’s brother. Their mother was Hannah Slee, she died in 1908 at Wooley Colliery (I believe she lived there with John & Lilian Slee)
    Hannah Slee was also living with John & Lilian in 1901. Hannah was made to Leave Wakefield as she ran a brothel with her sister Drucilla Clarke!

    • Hi Lisa

      So sorry for taking ages replying to your post, but I’ve been guilty of neglecting my blog of late. Fascinating about the Slee family. I’ve looked a bit more up on Ancestry, and now realise that the Hannah Sowerby who is a visitor with John and Lilian in 1901 is actually John’s mother. Lovely about the brothel story – I do like coming across a bit of scandal on the family tree!

      Also discovered that at age 13, John Slee was found quickly, along with another 13 year old, of stealing a waistcoat. They were both whipped and discharged.

      Thanks for posting a comment on my blog.

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