Genealogy: something good to spend your money on

I don’t mind spending money on genealogy. It’s an interest I choose to do and I don’t expect others or the government (which means tax payers) to subsidise my hobby. But you do need some money to do it properly. I shudder to think how much I spend with ScotlandsPeople – I don’t keep a running total as it would scare me! Plus there are lots of great books, which I’m addicted to anyway and so can rarely resist, and subscriptions to a couple of genealogy data-based sites. Plus travel costs if you get out and about.

Today I’ve just ordered some books online, so am looking forward to their arrival. I’ve run out of credits on ScotlandsPeople and need to buy more. I’ve just joined the Family History Society of Buchan. Last week I booked hotels for my trip to Aberdeenshire in a month’s time – when the cost of petrol, meals and other bits and bobs is added in it won’t be the cheapest holiday ever, but for me it’s definitely preferable to a week on a crowded beach somewhere else.

Anyway, I’ve retired now and worked hard for a lot of years to build up my nest egg. It’s time to spend it my way!

4 responses to “Genealogy: something good to spend your money on

  1. Totally agree with you Judy . I have just been in Edinburgh in a hotel 2 minutes from the Archives and didnt get time to visit. Think what I could have achieved in one day.
    Meeting up with Fraser relatives of my husband ( and yours ) on Sunday who are down from the north . Gordon- Child of Alex Fraser b 1899 who was a grandson of Alex Fraser and Margaret Booth . I will be telling them of your great blog .I learn so much Thanks.

    • Hi Morag – good to hear from you. I’m stopping at Edinburgh on the way up to Aberdeenshire. I want to read through the Longside kirk session minutes and check out a few other things. And I still plan on a trip down south to do some research at Kew so it will be lovely to catch up with you then.

      Lovely to hear of your meeting up with Gordon: give all my long-lost and now-found relatives my very best wishes.

      Thanks for your kind comments about my blog. I’m really enjoying it, and it’s lovely pulling together all the various strands I’ve researched over the years. Working on the ancestors of Mary Ann Logan at the moment, Alexander Fraser’s first wife, which is proving tricky!

  2. You are so right! I’m very grateful that my Scotland’s People credits are being topped up by my teenage son who has realised they are the perfect birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, “oops, sorry mum”, etc gift …. EVER.

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