On 23 May

Only two events today, both Strachans going back as far as that branch of my family tree can go.

23 May 1779
Charles Strachan was baptised in Irvine, son of Thomas Strachan and Susannah Alexander and therefore my gggg uncle. He would have been about 6 years old when the family moved to the Gorbals. No further records for him have been found: there is no marriage record for what could be him in the OPRs and he does not appear in the 1841 census, when he would have been 62. There is no death record for him in Gorbals OPR.

23 May 1812
Possible death of my gggg grandfather Thomas Strachan. I say possible because there’s an entry in Gorbals OPR that simply says “1812 May 23 Thomas Strachan age 70 decline.’ Thomas had moved to Gorbals in the early 1790s. Most of his sons had moved back to Ayrshire by 1812, but I’ve no idea whether Thomas accompanied them or not. In 1812 he would have been about 63 if the 1749 birth date is correct (which it might not be), but ages tended to be very approximate in those days – and an age at death was whatever the person reporting the death said. So the death in Gorbals could well be him, but there’s a chance it for another Thomas Strachan.

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