On 27 May

My ggg grandfather, his wife and his brother-in-law were all baptised on 27 May, though different years, which is a remarkable coincidence. Plus yet another coal miner migrated to Illinois.

27 May 1804
Baptism of my ggg grandmother Christian Hutcheon at Longside, birth date not recorded, daughter of Alexander Hutcheon tailor and Agnes Bruce, who lived at Innervedie. In 1823 Christian gave birth to an illegitimate son, John Bisset: the OPR for Longside has “11 April 1823, baptized John Bisset n. son of John Bisset & Christian Hutchison, Innervedie” (n. son = natural son). On 17 January 1828 Christian married William Fraser (who was born almost exactly a year later – see below) at Longside and not long after moved to Mosside Croft, near Hatton, parish of Cruden. Christian had 10 children with William Fraser, and remained at Mosside croft for the rest of her life. She died on 31 August 1874 at Mosside age 70, of enteritis. The informant was her brother Keith Hutcheon who lived in Hatton, and was also baptised on 27 May (see below).

27 May 1805
Baptism of my ggg grandfather William Fraser at Cruden, Aberdeenshire. His baptism entry reads: “27 May 1805 John Sangster in Burnthill presented a child to baptism begot in fornication by William Fraser (as the mother Janet Sangster affirms). The child was baptised and named William. Witnesses John Davidson and William Sangster.” I eventually worked out that the most likely candidate for his father was the William Fraser who was in the 92nd Highland Regiment, and who may well have enlisted at about the time Janet Sangster gave birth to William. If this is correct, then after being shot during the Napoleonic Wars, William Fraser senior lived south of Peterhead, close to Cruden. There seem to be a few connections between the families so William junior seems to have known who his father was. William’s mother Janet Sangster married William McWilliam of Longside in May 1812, when William was almost 7 years old so William may have lived with them at Nether Kinmundy, which is very close to the Longside/Cruden border, or he may have lived with his Sangster grandparents, but William probably worked as a farm servant from as young as 12 years old. He married Christian Hutcheon in January 1828 in the parish of Longside. Apart from the eldest who was baptised in Longside, the children of William and Christian were baptised in Cruden parish and their baptism records indicate William and Christian had taken the lease of Mosside croft, which is between Nether Kinmundy and the village of Hatton, not long after they were married. The croft is now in ruins (or at least was when I last saw it). William remained at Mosside for the rest of his life and can be tracked through the census. In 1841 he is described as a farmer, in 1851 a shoemaker, in 1861 he is a farmer of 2 acres and in 1871 farms 2 acres arable. He and Christian had 10 children, and from at least 1851 until sometime after 1871 they had living with them, listed as a lodger or boarder, John Black, a death and dumb pauper born in Cruden. I’ve yet to work out exactly who he was. In the 1864 Valuation Roll, Mosside Croft is one of five tenants under £4 of small crofts at Yonderton, owner Alexander Philop of Mansion House, Yonderton. William’s wife Christian died in 1874 and William Fraser died 17 June 1877 at Mosside at the age of 72 of cardiac dropsy (heart failure).

27 May 1811
Baptism of my gggg uncle Keith Hutcheon at Longside, son of Alexander Hutcheon tailor and Agnes Bruce, who lived at Innervedie. In 1839, Keith married Barbara King, a widow with 5 children: Keith was 27 years old but Barbara was considerably older. She gave birth to their daughter Barbara 4 months later. In 1841 they are at Tuechan, Cruden, and Keith is a tailor, as was his father. Living with them are Barbara’s youngest son George with her first husband William Craighead, and daughter Barbara. They are still there in 1851, still with 1 child. Barbara died some time between 1851 and 1855. Keith can’t be found in the 1861 census, but he married again in June 1861 to Anne McPherson in Aberdeen, and Keith gave his address as Hatton. In 1871 they are at The Cottage, Hatton, Keith a tailer and letter carrier, with 5 children, and they are there in 1881, Keith still a tailor, and again in 1891 when Keith is a retired tailor. He died in June 1891 at Hatton, at the age 80, from cerebral apoplexy (likely to be a stroke).

27 May 1854
Birth of Samuel Miller at Kilmaurs, Ayrshire. In 1874 at Dreghorn he married Jean Strachan, daughter of John Strachan and Margaret Lambie and granddaughter of my gggg uncle Robert Strachan and Jean Kelly. In 1881 Samuel, his wife and infant daughter Catherine migrated to USA and went to Illinois. Samuel was a coal miner and they lived in Coal City, Braceville where Samuel died in 1894 age 40.

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