1895 Valuation Rolls for Scotland

These have just been released by ScotlandsPeople, so I couldn’t resist. The Valuation Rolls give some lovely detail, and let you find out where your ancestors were between the census.

Great grandfather Joseph Strachan, coal miner, was the tenant of a house in Crookedholm, one of several owned by Elizabeth Dunlop or Lyon, wife of James Lyon of Dykehead Cottage, Hurlford. Joseph’s neighbours were coal miners with a smattering of widows, plus a plasterer, a labourer, an engineman and a grocer’s shop. Joseph was paying £2 12s yearly rent.

I looked for my other great grandfather John McCrae but couldn’t find him: perhaps he wasn’t the main tenant of where he was living in Kilmarnock. I’ll have a more through search when I have time.

Up in Aberdeenshire, great great grandfather Alexander Fraser was paying £5 yearly rent for the croft and house at Hardslacks (aka Mosside Croft). This was part of the Estate of Yonderton owned by John Bruce of Yonderton, Town and County Bank Limited, Oldmeldrum, but the main farm and house was tenanted by Thomas Fiddes Mackie. John Bruce was using the shootings, however, which will have been part of the moss. Mosside Croft was, of course, given its name, next to the moss where the locals dug for peat, their main source of fuel. Interestingly, a near neighbour was John Fraser at Burnthill, also part of the Estate of Yonderton, so I’ll have to have a look and see who John Fraser was.

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