On 29 May

More coal miners in Ayrshire, farm servants in Aberdeenshire and another pair of twins.

29 May 1764
Baptism of Margaret Smith at New Deer, Aberdeenshire, daughter of John Smith and Margaret Birnie. I think her sister Catherine was my gggg grandmother and grandmother of my gg grandmother Mary Logan, first wife of Alexander Fraser. There are a couple of possible marriages for a Margaret Smith in the right time frame and right place, but no baptism records of children for either couple, and nothing in the 1841 census, so I’ve no idea whether any of the marriages are for the right Margaret.

29 May 1851
Birth of Margaret Brown at Kilwinning, daughter of John Brown and Mary Dunlop. Margaret’s father worked as a labourer and latterly watchman at Eglinton Ironworks where the family lived in worker’s housing. In 1873 Margaret married my half gg uncle Robert Strachan, son of Robert Strachan and his second wife Susan Cran. Robert also worked at Eglinton Ironworks, as a labourer, surfaceman and coal miner brusher, and he and Margaret had 6 children. They lived in Kilwinning, at Single Row, Front Row and Fergushill. Margaret died in Kilwinning in 1904 age 52.

29 May 1880
Birth of my half gg aunt Isabella Stuart Fraser at Mosside croft, Hatton, Aberdeenshire, daughter of Alexander Fraser and his second wife Margaret Booth. She’s with her parents at the family croft in 1881and 1891, then in 1901 at Maw, Ellon, as Bella Fraser age 20, cook domestic, along with her younger brother Thomas Fraser age 14 cattleman, at a farm run by Peter Craib. In 1903 she gave birth to an illegitimate son John Sangster, father John Sangster farm servant. Isabella married James Downie in 1908 and they lived in Ellon: in 1911 they are at Crosshill, Ellon where James Downie was a farm grieve, and have with them 2 children from James Downie’s first marriage and their infant daughter Margaret (Meg). Isabella’s son John Sangster is with his widowed grandmother and his aunt Jessie at Mosside croft. Isabella Stuart Downie nee Fraser died age 69 at Ellon.

29 May 1934
Birth of my cousin Helen McCrae Strachan, twin daughter of my uncle Henry Strachan aka Harry and his second wife Mary Campbell – although Mary wasn’t actually his wife as it was a bigamous marriage. (Naughty Uncle Harry!) Helen married and had children, and lived in Australia for a while, before returning to the UK and settling in North Shields. I’m in contact with her great nephew.

29 May 1934
Birth of my cousin Joseph McCrae Stachan, twin of Helen so same parents as above. He lived in South Shields, married and had children, and died in 2006.

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