On 1 June

Summer is here at last. I wonder what the weather was like on …

1 June 1800
Birth of Peter Murphie at Stevenston, Ayrshire, son of Duncan Murphie and Jane Wilson, and my ggg uncle. Sadly, nothing else is known as he’s not been traceable in the records.

1 June 1842
Baptism of Mary Jane Davidson at Longside, daughter of Charles Davidson and my gggg aunt Margaret Hutcheon. According to every census, she was born in St Fergus, Banffshire which is just north of Peterhead and not that far form Longside – and her parents were there in the 1841 census. She is with her parents in 1851 at Rora, is a domestic servant to a local official in 1861, and then married farm servant William Smith in 1866. They lived at Longside, in Rora close to Mary Jane’s parents, and had 8 children. William, who was from Crimond, worked as a crofter and farm servant. Mary Jane died in 1900 at the age of 57 and it says of heart disease, but there is a corrected entry which reads “The following report of result of a precognition has been received touching the death of Mary Jane Davidson or Smith … cause of death natural causes, probable heart disease” and is signed by the Procurator Fiscal, the Scottish equivalent to a Coroner.

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