On 4 June

Yet another death of a coal miner with chronic bronchitis, and another of those rare Strachan females who didn’t marry a coal miner.

4 June 1909 (born about 1842)
John Strachan died in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. No baptism record can be found, but he was born about 1842 in Dreghorn, son or ggg uncle Samuel Strachan and Margaret Sampson Reid Jamieson. He is with his parents in 1851 at Corsehill Square, Dreghorn, and is still there in 1861, age 19 and a coal miner. In 1867 he married Janet Dow in Kilmarnock and in 1871 they are at 15 Fultons Lane, Kilmarnock, with 2 children. By 1881 they’d moved to 41 Montgomery Street, Kilmarnock, and had had 6 children, are at 29 High Street, Kilmarnock in 1891 with yet more children, and in 1891 were at 11 Union Street, Kilmarnock with some of their children still living at home. John remained coal miner all his life, and died in 1909 at Henderson Church Buildings, Loudon Road, Kilmarnock age 67 years from chronic bronchitis and heart disease.

4 June 1869 (born about 1846)
Helen Findlay, no baptism found but was born about 1846, married James Clark at Galston, Ayrshire. Helen was the daughter of David Findlay and Susanna Strachan, and her mother was the daughter of gggg uncle Peter Strachan and Mary Monroe. Helen proved easy to research, thank goodness. Her mother died when she was about 2 years old, and in 1849 her father remarried. In 1851, 5 year old Helen is in Portland Row, Riccarton with her coal miner father, stepmother, 4 full siblings, 2 step siblings and 1 half siblings – a rather crowded house as there were 11 of them in what could only have been 2 rooms. In 1861 she is a domestic servant in Galston working for a woollen manufacter, his wife and his son. She married in 1869 at Galston, to James Clark, a gardener journeyman,and gave her address as Bellevue Cottage, Kilmarnock. By 1871 the couple have taken up residence at the Gardener’s House on the Daldorch Estate, Catrine, parish of Sorn, and had a baby daughter. In 1881 they are living in Girvan, where James in a gardener, and they have 7 children. They are still in Girvan, at 9 High Street, in 1891, James still a gardener, with 8 children: they had at least 10 altogether. In 1901 they are also Helen Clark ms Findlay died in Girvan in 1929 age 83.

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