On 5 June

A rather mixed lot today: three infant deaths, someone who goes missing, an aunt who lived in Leeds and a railway worker in Winnipeg,

5 June 1782
Birth of my gggg uncle John Logan at Kilmarnock, son of James Logan and Sarah Weir (and no connection, as far as I’m aware, with my Aberdeenshire Logan ancestors). He died in infancy, as the son born to James and Sarah in 1794 was also named John.

5 June 1815
Birth of Ann Adam a Stevenston, daughter of my ggg aunt Margaret Haddow and Francis Adam. She must have died when young, as in January 1820 Margaret and Francis named a younger daughter Ann.

5 June 1855
Birth of Robert Russell at Springside Road, Dreghorn, Ayrshire, illegitimate son of Mary Strachan, my gg aunt and Archibald Russell, a seaman. His parents were married in 1857. Robert died in 1858 in Ardrossan at age 2.

5 June 1859
Birth of Margaret Wark at Irvine, daughter of Catherine Mure Strachan and Charles Wark, and granddaughter of my ggg uncle Peter Strachan and Margaret Boyle. Her father was a baker and they are in the 1861, don’t seem to be in the 1871 census, and in 1881 are at 15 Gayfield Street, Kelvin, Glasgow and Margaret (Maggie) is age 21 and a book folder. After that I haven’t been able to track her down yet.

5 June 1906
Birth of Lena Gregory in Peasedown, Somerset who married my uncle Harry Green. They lived in Leeds, but when Lena was widowed she moved, with her youngest daughter, to Derbyshire to be near her brother. Lena died in 1990 and I’m in touch with her daughter cousin Enid.

5 June 1910
Robert Miller Cadger born at York, Ontario, Canada, son of Barbara Fraser, my half gg aunt from Aberdeenshire, and Isaac Cadger who migrated to Canada in March 1910. Thanks to so much Canadian information being online, I was able to find out that Robert lived with his parents in firstly York, Ontario and then Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 1930 he married Georgina Wakeham at St James, Manitoba, and the Canadian Voters Lists have them both in Winnipeg South from 1935 until 1974. He worked as a Yard Master, which will mean he was in charge of a railway yard.

2 responses to “On 5 June

  1. York, Ontario may be unfamiliar to some readers. York is the original name for the city of Toronto. It also is an old name for a township, later a borough that became part of the city of Toronto. To further confuse things, there is a York County which is an urban and rural area due north of Toronto.

    • Thanks for that, Grant – very interesting. The original settlers obviously liked the name York. I live about half an hour’s drive away from the original York, in Yorkshire, which is a lovely and very historic city.

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