Off to Scotland very soon

On Sunday I drive up to Scotland, stopping first at Edinburgh to spend a day at the National Archives looking at Kirk Session Minutes. As Edinburgh is not too long a drive away, and hopefully the weather will be okay, I’m doing the scenic route through Northumberland National Park and then through Border Country.

On Tuesday I’ll be off to Aberdeen, and again I’m taking the scenic route via Braemar and Balmoral. Cross fingers it’s not raining or foggy.

In Aberdeenshire I’ll be visiting ancestral homelands, the local studies centre in Aberdeen, and a few places of interest such as the Farming Museum at Pitmedden. Be interesting to see what’s happened to the Fraser family croft since I last saw it: it was uninhabitable then and no doubt still is.

I am SO looking forward to being up there again!

11 responses to “Off to Scotland very soon

  1. sounds exciting! cant wait to hear how it goes.

  2. Fantastic. I hope you have a wonderful, fruitful trip. I’m looking forward to hearing about all your “finds.”

  3. Enjoy your trip up north and look forward to hearing how the family pile is doing. One of the Fraser descendants reaches 90 at beginning of July so be nice to tell her how it is.

  4. Hope you have a great trip to Scotland, Judy. You probably have your time all pIanned out at the National Archives, but I wonder if when you are at the National Archives researching the Kirk Session minutes if you would mind looking up Margaret Lamb who was s a neice to your Christian Hutcheon. She was the daughter of Mary Hutcheon who married Robert Lamb; who were my gg-grandparents. I’m interested in any mention in the Parish of Drainie minutes between 1870 and 1885 of Margaret Lamb and her illegitimate children: Barnet Ross, John Ross, Fanny McDonald, Margaret White,and James Whyte. I have the record for my grandfather, Richard Grant.

    If this request requires any cost, I would be pleased to reimburse you,
    or if it involves an unreasonable demand of your time, I understand.

    Many thanks.


    • The Kirk Session minutes are easy to look up at Edinburgh these days as they’ve been digitised. They hope to make them available online at some stage but they need indexing first. But scanning through a 15 year span doesn’t take long so I’ll make a note and try and have a look.

  5. Judy – it is my MIL`s niece, daughter of her oldest brother Alex( b 1899.) She lives in Aberdeen . MIL would be 104 died at age 98 – good Aberdonian stock I think .

    • Ah yes, what was I thinking. Time flies, though, and they do go in for good long lives on our ancestry. But I’ve worked out who you mean – is it Bunty? If it is, she is half second cousin once removed (fortunately the software I use worked that out for me). I’ve also let it work out our relationship: you are the spouse of my half second cousin once removed!

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