On 12 June

A “nothing else found” – which happens all too often when researching your family tree – a family who moved from Aberdeenshire to Banffshire then to Moray, and happy birthday to my young great nephew.

12 June 1728
Birth of Bessie Reid at Kilwinning, daughter of Thomas Reid and Janet Eadie. I suspect she is the sister of my ggggg grandmother Christian Reid. She could also be the Bethia Reid who married James Hart in Kilwinning in 1752, and had children baptised in Kilwinning in 1753 and 1760. Nothing else found, however. It is MUCH harder tracing a family forward than it is going backwards in time!

12 June 1838 (born about 1814)
My gggg aunt Mary Hutcheon, born about 1814 at daughter of Alexander Hutcheon and Agnes Bruce, married Robert Lamb at Old Deer. She is with her agricultural labourer husband a 2 children in 1841 at Newseat, Peterhead in 1841, and in 1851 they are at Cuminstown, Monquhitter – but the head is absent so was probably working elsewhere. By then they had 6 children, born in Longside, Peterhead and Monquhitter. By 1861 they have moved to Blairs House Farm, Rafford, Moray where Robert Lamb is a farm overseer and they have had 4 more children, the last 3 born in Gomery, Banffshire, plus they have a grandchild living with them. Mary died in 1863 at age 48 due to “illegible” reasons, at Forres, Elgin.

12 June 2005
One of the youngest on my family tree, my great nephew, was born. He is my big sister’s grandchild and has a first name that was already on the family tree, though I suspect that was a coincidence!

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