On 30 June

Only one event again today: someone who lived on the same Kilmarnock street from marriage until death.

30 June 1885
Birth of Agnes McCrae Downie at Kilmarnock, daughter of Samuel Downie and my great aunt Sarah McCrae. (She was the niece of my grandmother, Helen (Nell) Strachan nee McCrae). In 1891 and 1901 Agnes is with her parents in Kilmnarnock, her father Samuel a hammerman then labourer born in Ireland, and by age 15 she was a mill worker. Agnes married Samuel Craig McCulloch on 23 October 1908 at Riccarton, and they both gave their address as 36 New Street, which is next to Riccarton Parish Church though all the old houses are now demolished. Samuel MCulloch was a coal miner. A tree on Ancestry has two children for them: Sarah born 1909 and Rebecca born 1910. In 1911 and again in 1921 Samuel McCulloch sailed to New York, the first time to go to Canton, Massachusetts and the second time to go to Johnstown, Pennsylvania. He returned to Riccarton both times and there is no evidence that Agnes and their daughters ever went to the US. The passenger lists for both journeys give Samuel’s nearest relative as his wife Agnes of New Street, Ricccarton. Agnes McCulloch nee Downie died age 72 at Kilmarnock and her husband Samuel died in 1958 age 84. A tree on Ancestry says he died at 33 New Street, Kilmarnock, so it looks as if they’d lived on the same street ever since their marriage.

3 responses to “On 30 June

  1. Samuel McCulloch was my great great grandfather,I am sure his year of death was 1971.These family stories are from my mum rebecca,his granddaughter.Their house on New Street was the only one with a seperate kitchen and in hard times when no-one had enough food for the family my gggran would ask everyone,neighbours and miners to bring something for the pot,some carrots,potatoes,a rabbit,and she would make a stew to feed everyone.
    Samuel bred spaniels and I have a photo of one of his tan and white american cocker spaniels with its trophy.
    Samuel was also the first member of the family with a tv and everyone went round to hear the queens speech.
    Agnes(Nancy) kept a big jar of brightly coloured metalic sweetie wrappers rolled into balls on the mantlepiece,the children used them as marbles when they visited.My mum remembers playing with the pretty papers when she was tiny.
    When Agnes was ill my mum remembers being taken round as a child with some of the old aunts and my gran(there was mary and marys daughter nancy,ella,my great gran rebecca,gran nancy and mum) to do her housework.She remembers Agnes sitting propped up in a big bed with lots of pillows shouting orders at everyone.My mum said her great gran shouted at her for missing a bit with the mop around her bed and mum having had enough of being bossed about and shouted at shook the mop at her saying “i,ll mop your old face!” then ran off and hid.

    • What lovely stories! Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your message but I’ve not been visiting my blog lately and am now trying to catch up. Times must have been so hard for those families back then but they had a very rich sense of community. Thanks for posting.

  2. sorry,got confused,he was mums great grandpa x

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