Colin Strachan 1908 – 1971

Colin Strachan, born in Tollcross, Lanarkshire, migrated to Australia when he was 18 and spent the rest of his life there.

Colin Strachan WW2
Colin Strachan in his Australian army uniform.

Colin and Ida
Colin Strachan with his wife Ida.

4 responses to “Colin Strachan 1908 – 1971

  1. Very nice photographs.

  2. Judy; Wonderful, the person whom I was named after. I have seen the same two pictures numerous times while my Mother, Jeannie, Colin’s sister, was alive. Unfortunately they must have gone to my Brother after Mom’s death, but no matter, now I have them. Thankyou, cousin Colin Strachan Harper.

    • You’ve made me think here. You were named after Colin, but who was Colin named after? I’ll have to have a look and find out why he was named as he was.

      Rob who also follows this blog, and is our Uncle Henry’s grandson, has reminded me that Ida was Ida Kum Too before she became Ida Strachan, and I’ve found her birth record online: born in Bendigo in 1906 daughter of William Kum Too and Mary Sam.

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