27, 28, 29 June (part 2): Strachan events

My nephew’s birthday was on the 28th. Plus a bonnet machinist who married a blacksmith, and a Strachan who married a coal mine manager and had two daughters who became teachers, and a Strachan coal miner who died young. And this brings me up to date with Strachan events!

27 June 1863
Birth of Mary King at Irvine, Ayrshire, daughter of James King and my gg aunt Jean King and sister of yesterday’s Cecilia King. Mysteriously, she’s not with her family or anywhere else in the 1871 census, so may have simply been missed off the census, but she’s with the at High Street, Irvine in 1881, age 17 and a bonnet machinist. In 1882 she married blacksmith David Mitchell at Irvine, and they are at Fullerton Street, Irvine in 1891 with 4 children. I can’t find them in the 1901 census, but David Mitchell died in 1917 at Irvine, and Mary Mitchell nee King died in 1926 at Irvine at age 62.

28 June 1821
Birth of Mary Strachan at Riccarton, Ayrshire, daughter of my gggg uncle Samuel Strachan and Ann Miller, and granddaughter of Thomas Strachan and Susannah Alexander. In 1841 she is with her parents and siblings in Kilmarnock, and married John Cuthbertson in Klmarnock in 1845: John’s sister Margaret Cuthbertson married Mary’s cousin John Strachan. I can’t find them in the 1851 census, but in 1861 Mary and husband John are at Torbothie, Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire with 4 children and Mary’s niece Agnes Strachan: John Cuthbertson is the manager of a mine. I then can’t find them in the 1871 census, but in 1881 they are at Calderhead, Shotts, Lanarkshire where John Cuthbertson is underground manager of a mIne: they have 3 children and a grandchild with them, and their daughters Jane and Mary are both teachers. John Curtherbertson died, as in 1891 widow Mary is at High Street, Airdrie, Lanarkshire with her two school teacher daughters, her son Andrew who is a pit engine man, and grandson John who is a grocer. Mary is in the 1901 census at age 79 at Bell Street, New Monkland with elementary school teacher daughter Mary and son Andrew. Mary Cuthbertson nee Strachan died in 1902.

28 June 1974
Birth of my nephew in Australia: happy birthday Warren!

29 June 1889 (born about 1866)
Robert Strachan (yes, another one) was born about 1866 in Ayrshire, the son of gg uncle Henry Strachan and Elizabeth Black, and was the grandson of my gg grandparents Robert Strachan and Margaret Haggerty. He is with his parents in Riccarton in 1871, and in Kilmarnock in 1881. In 1891 the family is at Crookedholm, with son Robert age 25 a coal miner. In 1894 Robert married Jane Gallacher at Galston and they had 2 children, but sadly Robert Strachan died on 29 June 1889 at Crookedholm, of Addison’s Disease. His widow Jean migrated to Canada in 1923 to Windsor, Ontario then crossed to Detroit where she joined her brother James. She is in the 1930 census in Detroit with her son Charles, his wife and children.

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