On 5 July

One of those “nothing happened” days today on the family trees, which was a blessing as I’ve spent all afternoon and evening glued to the telly watching some amazing tennis. A nail biting final on Sunday? (And after Sunday that will be the last sporting comment from me until next year’s Wimbledon!)

3 responses to “On 5 July

  1. Judy; what a dramatic semi, roof closing delay as well as the tennis. Looking forward to Sunday’s final. Murray must keep his cool and play his game as Djokovic will be a formidable opponent. “Come on Andy, you are due” Colin.

    • Wasn’t it dramatic! Yes, it could well be Andy’s year and Scotland will explode with excitement if he makes it. I’ll be spending tomorrow glued to the television.

  2. Judy; OK now you can take a breath! A very fulfilling final although that last game was a nailbiter but all’s well that ends well. Congratulations Andy, it has been a long time coming . Yeah Scotland. Colin.

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