On 18 July

Twins born in 1789, one of whom has been so fascinating to research he’s getting a separate post, plus a Yorkshire ancestor I can’t find anything about and a Strachan ancestor who lost her mother, two of her children, and then died in her 20s.

18 July 1789
Birth of Adam Logan in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, son of my gggg grandparents James Logan shoemaker and Sarah Weir, and twin sister of Ann. His sister Agnes was the grandmother of Mary Ann McInerney who married John McCrae. Researching Adam has proved fascinating – so much so that he’s getting a separate post of his own.

18 July 1789
Birth of Ann Logan in Kilmarnock, twin sister to Adam (above). Nothing further can be found for Ann, so she may have died when young.

18 July 1813
Baptism of Anne Fisher at Tankersley, Yorkshire, daughter of my ggggg uncle Timothy Fisher and Mary Kaye. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to discover anything else about her.

18 July 1862 (born 1840)
Mary Orr was born in about 1840 in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, the daughter of James Orr and Mary Strachan and the granddaughter of my gggg uncle Peter Strachan and Mary Monroe. She is with her parents, her father a coal miner, at Thirdpart, Kilmarnock – where lots of Strachans and their relatives were at the time. Her mother died in the early 1840s and her father remarried to Jean Hill, and in 1851 Mary Orr is with her father, stepmother and siblings at Portland Row, Hurlford, and is still there living with them in 1861, age 20 and a sewer. She has a 1 year old daughter, however, called Mary and she married the father, Thomas Rea or Rae, in 1862. A daughter Annie was born in 1863 who died, and another daughter Annie was born in 1865 and also died. Then in 1866 Mary Rea nee Orr died of typhus fever. Thomas Rea remarried, and daughter Mary is with him in 1871.

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