On 22 July

Only one event for today – a dressmaker born in Cruden, Aberdeenshire. There has, of course, been a certain birth in London, though I’m pretty sure he’s not a relation.

22 July 1860
Birth of Jane Davidson Logan at Cruden, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my ggg uncle John Logan and Jane Marr. At 8 months old she’s with her parents and siblings at Auchlenchries, Cruden, where her father is an agricultural labourer, and in 1871 the family are at Moortack, Cruden, John Logan a farmer of 6 acres and Jane, called Jessie in this census, is at school. By 1881 she’s become a dressmaker and is visiting Jane McCrae, a crofter’s widow, at Old Macher. I’ve no idea who Jane McCrae was, but in another census her surname is McCrow and her maiden name was White. In 1891 Jane D Logan age 30 and a dressmaker is living on her own at Station Road, Ellon, and the she married James Marshall in 1895 at Ellon. They are in the 1901 census at 49 Rosebank Terrace, Ferryhill, which is close to the docks in Aberdeen: James Marshall is a house carpenter and they have a young daughter. I can’t seem to find anything for any of them after that.

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