On 26 July

An ancestor born in 1853 whose photography is online, two deaths of children, and a birthday up in Aberdeen.

26 July 1853
Birth of James Gilmour Strachan at Riccarton, son of of Robert Strachan and Janet Ross Gilmour and grandson of my gggg uncle Peter Strachan and Mary Monroe. He’s with his parents and siblings in 1861 at Comet Pit House, Riccarton, and with them at 21 Boyd Street, Galston in 1871, by which time James had become a coal miner. In August 1873 he married Susanna Sharp at Loudon but she died in August 1875, again in Loudon. They had a daughter Janet Gibson Strachan who seems to have been brought up by her Sharp grandparents, as that’s who she’s with in 1881 at age 5. In 1876 James married Annabella Rae at Galston, and in the 1881 census they are at Galston, James a coal miner and with 2 children plus a lodger. They are in Bentinck Street, Galston in 1891 with 6 children, and in Henrietta Street, Galston in 1901 with 8 children. James Gilmour Strachan died in 1933 t Henrietta Street, Galston.
James Gilmour Strachan and son Robert
This photo of James Gilmour Strachan, with his son and grandchildren, has been posted on Ancestry, and I have to say he has Strachan characteristics. There is a distinct look of my father about him.

26 July 1862
Birth of Janet Richmond at Kilwinning, daughter of my half ggg aunt Jean Pollock and John Richmond. Her mother was the illegitimate daughter of Jean Orr who who was the widow of Joseph Haggerty. Janet Richmond died in 1868 at age 7, in Riccarton.

26 July 1881 (born 14 June 1881)
I have only just discovered that my great grandparents John McCrae and Mary Ann Mcinairney has a son they named Jacob Owen McCrae born on 14 June 1881 at 40 Mill Lane, Kilmarnock. Jacob only lived for 6 weeks, and died on 26 July 1881 at 40 Mill Lane of scarlet fever.

26 July 1970
Today is a birthday in Aberdeen – happy birthday Susan, granddaughter of my great aunt Barbara Fraser who married William Dow,

3 responses to “On 26 July

  1. Your relative features in my family tree. The connection is with James’ younger brother William Strachan born 1856 in Riccarton. William married Jean Gemmell Borland in 1881 in Galston. They had a son Allan who died during WW1. Allan was married to Isabella Anderson in 1907 before dying at Ieper, Belguim on 16 March 1915. They had a son William who married my grandfather’s sister Maggie Batton.

    • Hi Sandra, and thank you for posting. Following up your information about William and Allan Strachan has cleared something up on my tree. I, like many others I suspect, had Allan Strachan born 1884 down as the son of James Strachan as he is listed as the son of James Strachan and Jeanie Borland in the 1891 census. But on checking that again I find he’s down as a boarder with them in 1901, as are two others that were with him in 1891. It looks as if James and Jeanie didn’t have children of their own but took in other people’s children. A sad story for Allan – given the dates I assume his wife died in childbirth. Was his son William brought up by his grandparents? So sad his father went to Canada, only to enlist in WW1 and be killed in action. I also noticed that Allan Strachan married the daughter of his father’s second wife. They were very close communities in those days! Always good to make a connection and find out more, so thank you for stopping by and taking the time to post a comment.


  2. Euphemia Whitefield

    Hi. Peter Strachan and Mary Munro are also in my direct line ancestry. My ggggg grand parents. I believe you may have exchanged information with my brother Alex Docherty before he died.

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