On 6 August

A Kean or Cain ancestor on the Strachan who died young, a Fraser from Aberdeenshire who migrated to Canada, and a Yorkshire ancestor who stayed close to home.

6 August 1861
Birth of Margaret Kean or Cain at Kilwinning, daughter of my gg aunt Agnes Strachan and William Kean and granddaughter of Robert Strachan and Margaret Haggerty. She had a short life, as she died at the age of 7 at Kilwinning in 1869.

6 August 1920 (born 1896)
Christina Andrews was born in 1896 at Longside, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my half gg aunt Christian or Christina Fraser and James Andrews. She is with her parents at Old Machar in 1901, her father a labourer. In 1911 she is with her mother and siblings at 79 Hutcheon Street, Aberdeen and her father is in Gamrie, Banff working as a green keeper at a golf course. Christina, age 14, is a cardboard box maker. In 1917 she married Neil Wood in Aberdeen, and on 6 August 1920 they arrived in Canada. Their passage paid was for by the Overseas Settlement Office, and Neil Wood was to be a teamster in the employ of his brother-in-law Robert Hendry Cooper of North Hamilton, Ontario. Robert Cooper had met and married Christina’s half sister Margaret while in Scotland during the war and they had returned to Robert’s home in Canada. Nothing further has been found for Neil and Christina, but their Canadian ocean arrival papers say that Christina was 5ft 5 ins with grey eyes and mid brown hair and her husband Neil was 5ft 8ins with grey eyes and dark brown hair. They did not have any children with them but may well have had children born in Canada. Christina’s mother was widowed in 1923 and she then went to Canada with her passage paid for by son-in-law Neil Wood but she returned to Scotland as she died there in 1932.

6 August 1907
Birth of Ann Eliza Athorn, birth registered in Barnsley, daughter of my gg aunt Hester Green and John Amberson Athorn and granddaughter of Joseph Green and Margaret Oxley. At age 3 she is with her parents, in the 1911 census, at 10 Longcar Street, Barnsley, her father a colliery fitter’s labourer. In 1926 at St Mary’s Church, Barnsley she married Herbert Rennison and they had two children with births registered in Barnsley, Doreen in 1926 and Ivy in 1929. Ann Eliza Rennison born 6 August 1907 died age 66 and her death was registered at Rother Valley, Yorkshire in Oct-Nov-Dec quarter of 1973, her husband Herbert having died the year previously.

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