On 9 August

Today: a Marshall ancestor who lived in Galston, and great aunt Flora Strachan who, ever since I discovered her, I’ve had a soft spot for and don’t really know why.

9 August 1825
Birth of Marion Craig Marshall at Galston, Ayrshire, daughter of my ggg uncle Alexander Marshall and Christina Wallace. In 1841 Marion was a servant at Galston for Robert Wright, a draper, and his family. She then married Frances Russell Jardine in Galston in 1848, and they were living at Boyd Street, Kilmarnock in 1851 with a daughter. Frances Jardine was working as a gas maker, which is someone who helped produced gas by burning coal. By 1861, however, Frances is a night watchman and the family are at 10 Park Street, Kilmarnock with 3 children and 2 lodgers. 1871 finds them back in Galston at 8 Wallace Street: Frances is a labourer at a colliery and he and Marion have 6 children, the eldest three working as a cotton weaver, a porter and a carder. They’d moved to 3 Polworth, Galston by 1881 and by then had 2 daughters at home, both working as lace winders. Marion’s husband Frances died during the 1880s, as in 1891 Marion is at Brewland Street, Galston with her daughter Jessie. She is at the same address but living on her own in 1901, age 75 and an annuitant. Marion Craig Jardine nee Marshall died in 1905 age 79 at Galston.

9 August 1863
Birth of my great aunt Flora Strachan at Lamont’s Row, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, daughter of my great grandparents Joseph Strachan and Jeanie Haddow. Her census entry in 1891 says she had been an invalid since childhood, but there are no records indicating what her disability was. In 1871 she’s with her parents and siblings at Crookedholm, and in 1881 is also with them at Crookedholm age 17. In 1882 she gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, Jane Dunlop Strachan, at her parent’s house on Cowan’s Row, Crookedholm: the father is not named but Robert Dunlop is the father’s name on Jane Dunlop Strachan’s marriage certificate. On ger daughter’s birth certificate Flora describes herself as a domestic and agricultural servant. In 1887 Flora gave birth to a second illegitimate child, Joseph Irvine Strachan, again father not named but his surname was probably Irvine. Flora was a mill worker picker at the time. Baby Joseph died at 37 days old, from infantile marasmus (failure to thrive, often caused by malnutrition). Flora is still with her parents in 1891 at Lamont’s Land, Crookedholm, age 25, along with her eight year old daughter. Flora died in 1893 at the age of 29, at her parent’s home at Dunlop’s Land, Crookedholm.

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