An emotional moment: first sight of my grandfather Henry Strachan

Thank you thank you to my cousin Colin in Canada for sending me a photo of the grandfather I never knew, Henry Strachan. Here he is, and wasn’t he a fine looking chap?

Grandfather Strachan
My grandfather Henry Strachan, who died age 45 in 1918

I felt very emotional seeing this for the first time, and ever since it arrived have been opening the file and just staring at it. Pictures do say a great deal, and I now feel much closer to my unknown grandfather.

I was surprised when I saw it too, as he didn’t look as I’d imagined. I suppose I’d always thought of him looking rather like my father, but he doesn’t. Instead, I was struck by how much I resemble him. There was me assuming I’d got my appearance from my mother’s side, as I bear little resemblance to my father, and then I see my grandfather and see my own eyes staring back at me. I think I might have his mouth too, but without the moustache of course!

I’m trying to finish the story of Henry Strachan and Helen McCrae to add to the Strachan pages here on my web site, and am so thrilled to now have a photo of Henry to add to it. Must try and finish it soon.

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