On 17 August

All three today frustratingly disappear from the records.

17 August 1755
Birth of Charles Alexander, son of John Alexander and Christian Reid. I think he was the brother of Susannah Alexander who married Thomas Strachan – the 2nd, 3rd and 4th children of Thomas and Susannah were named John, Christian and Charles, which is reasonably good evidence for supporting my theory. He is therefore my ggggg uncle but sadly, his birth and baptism is the only reference I can find for him in the records, so I’ve no idea what became of him.

17 August 1842
Birth of Mary Morgan at Cruden, daughter of Arthur Morgan and Margaret Robb and granddaughter of my ggggg aunt Isabel Sangster and Peter Morgan. Her mother died a few years after Mary was born and her father remarried. In 1851 Mary Morgan age 8 is at Tillymaud, Cruden with her father, stepmother and siblings. Her father died in a quarrying accident in 1860. Mary cannot be found in the 1861 census nor is there a death or marriage from 1855 to 1861, so she may have died between 1851 and 1854.

17 August 1852
Birth of Jean Wallace Strachan at Dreghorn, daughter of Andrew Strachan and Elizabeth Strachan. Her parents Andrew and Elizabeth were cousins and were not married: Andrew was 16 years older than Elizabeth and had been widowed, and Elizabeth was housekeeper for him and his children in 1851. There is nothing to be found in the records for either Jean or her mother Elizabeth after the 1852 birth and baptism record, so it could be that they both died.

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