On 23 August

Two Strachans today, both coal miners who stayed put in Ayrshire.

23 August 1838
Birth of Peter Strachan at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, son of Peter Strachan and Ann Houston and grandson of my gggg uncle Peter Strachan and Mary Monroe. In 1841 he’s with his parents and siblings at Croftfoot, Kilmarnock, his father a coal miner, and the family are at 2 Corsegill Square, Dreghorn in 1851 when Peter was 12 and still at school. His mother Ann died in the early 1850s and his father remarried to Elizabeth Clark in 1856 at Riccarton. Peter Strachan married his 2nd cousins Lillias Clelland Findlay on 17 August 1860 at Riccarton: Lillias was the daughter of David Findlay and Susanna Strachan and. like Peter. was the granddaughter of Peter Strachan and Mary Monroe. Peter and Lillias are at Cadger’s Road, Hurlford in 1861, Peter a coal miner, and with them is lodger Peter Findlay, Lillias’s older brother. By 1871 they have moved to 10 Boig Road, New Cumnock and have 3 children all born in Riccarton. They must have moved to Galston by 1873 as that is where their younger children were born. In 1881 they are at 11 Goatfoot Road, Galston with 7 children and are at 7 Standalane Street, Galston in 1891 with 5 children: they had about 12 children altogether but several did not survive infancy. They are still at 7 Standalane Street in 1901, Peter by then a retired coal miner and with just the 2 youngest children still at home. Standalane Street is still there, but the houses dating from over 100 years ago have since been demolished. Peter died in 1908 at Galston and his wife Lillias died in 1913.

23 August 1878 (born about 1852)
John Strachan was born in Dreghorn in about 1852, son of John Strachan and Margaret Lambie and grandson of my gggg uncle Robert Strachan and Jean Kelly. At age 8, in 1861, he’s with his parents and lots of siblings at Dreghorn, his father and older brothers all coal miners. By 1871 John is a coal miner too, and living with his parents, siblings and a nephew at 4 Corsehill Square, Dreghorn. On 23 August 1878 he married Mary Kerr at Irvine, and gives his residence as Dreghorn and his occupation as coal miner. His father became disabled and had to apply for poor relief in 1879 – the application says he has a son John married with no children. In 1881 John and his wife are at 17 Corsehill Square, Dreghorn, still with no children, but by 1891, when they’d moved to Lorne Row, Coylton, they had 4 children and another had arrived by 1901, when they were at Townfoot, Dreghorn. It looks as if John stayed in Dreghorn as that is where he died in 1930 at the age of 78.

4 responses to “On 23 August

  1. Elaine McCrorie

    Hi there , I think we may be related my great grand father was John Strachan who married Mary Kerr, they had a daughter Elizabeth Strachan who was my grand mother. would you like to share some family information?
    please email me .

    • Hi Elaine

      We are indeed distantly related – 5th cousins I think. I have John and Mary’s daughter Elizabeth in the 1891 and 1901 census but have not researched her further, so anything you’re willing to share would be lovely.


      • Elaine McCrorie

        Elizabeth married my grandfather Alexander Lewis and they had four children 3 girls and one boy.
        Mary known as May, Margaret (my mum) known as Greta, William known as Billy and Elizabeth known as Betty.
        I dont have dates in front of me right now but can give them if you want.
        have you gone further back with John and Mary , I am very interested in that.

  2. Euphemia Whitefield


    I know we are related through this Strachan line. My grandmother is Euphemia Morton Strachan daughter of David Findlay Strachand And Elizabeth McPhail Highet. My brother was Alex Docherty and my mother Margaret Judge the daughter of Euphemia Morton Strachan and Brown Judge. I believe you knew my brother Alex.

    Euphemia Strachan Docherty Whitefield

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