On 28 and 29 August

Two quiet days: a very early Ayrshire ancestor from who can’t be traced further than birth, and an Alexander from Aberdeenshire who left plenty of traces in the records.

29 August 1731
Birth of Thomas Reid at Kilwinning, Ayrshire son of Thomas Reid and Janet Eaddie. His sister Christian married John Alexander and is, I strongly suspect, the mother of Susannah Alexander who married Thomas Strachan. Thomas Reid born 1731 is therefore my gggggg uncle. No further trace of him had turned up, unfortunately

28 August 1817
Baptism of Jane Alexander at Rayne, Aberdeenshire, daughter of my ggggg uncle John Alexander and Janet Morrison. Her sister Helen married Peter Watt. I couldn’t find her in the 1841 census and there were several marriages so, unsure which was her, I searched for death certificate on ScotlandsPeople and found one at Rayne: she had been married twice so I was then able to track her in the census. She seems to have married farm servant George Gray, who was born in Foveran, in about 1844 but there’s no marriage in the records. In 1851 George Gray with wife Jean are at Hatton, Belhelvie with 3 children, the eldest born at Tarves and the younger two at Belhelvie, and the births of the children can be found on FamilySearch with father George Gray and mother Jane Alexander. By 1861 Jean Alexander is back in Rayne, at Cushieton, with 2 children named Gray: the eldest two are not with her and there’s a youngest son born 1854 who can be found on FamilySearch born at Belhelvie. George Gray must have died but there’s no death certificate to be found on ScotlandsPeople so it looks as if he died in 1854. In 1861 Jean, age 43 and a stocking knitter, had a boarder, George Smith age 54, a stone dyker, living with him. Later in 1861 George Smith and Jean/Jane Alexander were married at Rayne. They’re at Coley Hill in 1871 with a young grandson, but by 1881 they’ve gone up tp Gamrie in Banffshire, George still a stone dyker. In 1891 Jane Smith, age 73 and a stocking knitter, is on her own a MacDuff, Banffshire but by 1901 she’s returned to Rayne and is living at Kirktown of Rayne, an 83 year old invalid, with her younger sister Ann Alexander age 77, her nurse. Jane Smith formerly Gray ms Alexander died in 1902 at Rayne.

One response to “On 28 and 29 August

  1. Hi – do your Haddow connections include the Haddow family in Douglas, married and having children in 1760s-1780s? Including Robert Haddow and his sister Marion (b 1767) (married James Dale) along with her twin brother Archibald? trying to find Haddows who emigrated to US in early 1800s.

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