Autumn is on its way

Summer is officially over, although we’re forecast a warm and sunny week, but the evenings and early mornings are starting to feel autumnal or, as my Yorkshire grandmother would have said, back-endish. This blog has helped me produce a genealogy “to do” list which is now starting to become a tad overwhelming, but it means I can look forward to cold and wet days as they keep me inside.

I’m currently working on the story of my Strachan grandparents as well as producing a page about my Logan ancestors from Aberdeenshire. I want to write a few more article-type features as the ones I’ve already done are proving popular. In particular, a recent discussion with some friends who also have Scottish ancestors has given me the idea of writing about clans and tartans: and, in particular, how they are mainly a romantic Victorian construct and have very little to do with how our ancestors lived. I do know that my Aberdeenshire grandfather wore a kilt when he went off to war with the Gordon Highlanders – it was the first time he’d ever worn one and after the war he never wore one again!

So I’m actually starting to look forward to cooler weather, with less gardening, horse riding and being outdoors and more time for family history.

2 responses to “Autumn is on its way

  1. Hi Judy Yesterday it felt as if winter was coming, but today in Aberdeen IT’S SCORCHING – 28 DEGREES IF THE CAR TEMPERATURE GAUGE IS TO BE BELIEVED!! I’ll be looking forward to your LOGAN news, as my cousin Susan has had me search for her Cruden ancestors. I found PETER LOGAN’s Family Tree in the Family History in King Street, Aberdeen and his first Logan is JOHNE LOBEN born 1615. His distant ancestor and Susan’s were brothers. Have you seen it??

    Jean in tropical Aberdeen

    Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2013 11:00:12 +0000 To:

    • 28C in Aberdeen- gosh, that’s hot for up there. Mind you, it was similar when I was up there in June: I wasn’t expecting to be tramping around the Cairngorms in a sleeveless t-shirt!

      The Logans are proving tricky going backwards and I now think I’ve gone as far as I can go in that direction, so am working forwards. They came from Old Deer and were ag labs and crofters. The name was usually spelt Loggan in the OPRs and I’ve not come across Loban but you’ve made me realise searching for L*an might be worthwhile.

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