6 September

After an unseasonably warm week in which I had to water the garden, we now have local flooding as it has poured with rain all day. Or, as they say in Yorkshire, flippin’ ‘eck, it’s been siling it down. Anyone know any good Scottish words for heavy rain? Two ancestors today, both from Aberdeenshire and both mysteries. Some ancestors just don’t want to be found.

6 September 1800
Baptism of my gggg uncle James Hutcheon at Longside, son of Alexander Hutcheon and Agnes Bruce. He’s a bit of a mystery. I thought he might be the James Hutcheon who was compeared by the Longside Kirk Session and then married the pregnant Margaret Tolmy, but tracing that couple in the census showed that James was consistently 10 years too young. I tried to find a death certificate for the James who married Margaret Tolmy but nothing has showed up on ScotlandsPeople, frustratingly, as a death cert tells you who someone’s parents were. So I’m uncertain what happened to James.

6 September 1856
Birth of James Aitken at Cruden, Aberdeenshire, son of William Aitken and Elizbeth Milne. He was the uncle of my step great grandmother Helen Ann Morgan. He is one of those who prove difficult to find in the census. His father and older brother are in the 1861 census working as farm servants at Aldie, Cruden but there’s no sign of James, his mother and his other siblings. In 1871 James, age 14 and at school, is with his parents at West Gask, Cruden, where his father was a farm servant. By 1881 his father has taken the lease of a 12 acre croft at Aldie, Cruden, and James is with his parents working as a general labourer. He then disappears: I can’t find him in the census, can’t find a death record for him, and can’t see what could be him in any immigration records. Frustrating.

4 responses to “6 September

  1. Hi Judy We are badly needing rain here in Aberdeen!!! Local term in Aberdeen for a really wet rainy day is “HALE WATTER” – whole water. If its a misty rainy day it’s “DREICH” Jean Brown

    Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2013 20:35:22 +0000 To: jim_brown90@hotmail.com

  2. Hi Judy My cousin is tracing her LOGAN ancestors and a couple of weeks ago we visited Aldie, Midmill and Braco all in Cruden parish, where the Logans had lived for hundreds of years. Lunched at the St Olaf Hotel in Cruden Bay and visited the 2 cemeteries. It was a glorious day. I hve found a Logan Family Tree which traces them back to 1615!!

    Jean Brown

    Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2013 20:35:22 +0000 To: jim_brown90@hotmail.com

  3. Hello, Judy. I’ve just come across your blog and find we have a connection. The James Aitken you reference above was my 3G-uncle; his brother William was my 2G-grandfather. I can solve the question of where James was on the 1861 census–he was enumerated along with his mother and sister Helen at Whiteshin, Cruden:
    Elisabeth Aiken, head, age 45, farm overseer’s wife, born Longside
    Helen Aiken, daughter, age 10, born Longside
    James Aiken, age 4, born Cruden

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