7 September

A particularly interesting Aberdeenshire ancestor today, as she seems to connect to my family tree in several ways, which needs further investigation. The Aberdeenshire lot seem to have done a lot of marrying into distantly related families, which I suspect most people did in that area is it received far fewer “incomers” than, say, Ayrshire and Lanarkshire. Plus there are two deaths in infancy, an all too common occurrence.

7 September 1840
Baptism of Mary Mutch at Longside, illegitimate daughter of my gggg aunt Elizabeth Hutcheon and John Mutch. In 1841 Mary is with her mother, uncle and grandmother at the Hutcheon croft Red Lums near Longside. Her mother married John Lamb in 1846 and later that year gave birth to a daughter, Isabella Lamb, but Elizabeth Lamb died in December 1847. In 1851 Mary Mutch and Isabella Lamb are with their widowed grandmother Agnes Hutcheon nee Bruce at Creechy Row, Longside. In 1860 Mary Mutch married George Watt, which is intriguing – was he related to my Watt ancestors? I’ll have to research him and see where his line leads. In 1861 husband George Watt is a farm overseer at Brae of Biffie, which is at Stuartfield, south of Old Deer, and Mary Watt with three month old son George is at Clola, which is to the south-east on the other side of Stuartfield. In 1871 George, Mary and 4 children (one named Agnes Bruce after her grandmother) are near Ellon, George an ag lab. and they have 4 children. By 1881 they are at the Cottar House, Drumwhindle, Ellon, George still an ag lab and with 6 children. Mary Watt also Mutch and Hutcheon died in 1884 age 43, her death registered at Ellon. In the 1891 census her widower and children are at 59 Hutcheon Street, Aberdeen – a number of my Fraser ancestors were living in the same street in the early 1900s so did the two families know each other?

7 September 1860
Birth of John Cowie at Ellon, Aberdeenshire, son of William Cowie and Elizabeth Cheyne and grandson of my half gggg aunt Barbara McWilliam, who was the half sister, I suspect, of my ggg grandfather William Fraser. William Cowie died in infancy.

7 September 1887
Birth of Cameron Michael at Boddam, Aberdeenshire, son of my gg aunt Mary Ann Fraser and David Ewan Michael. Someone has posted his birth certificate on Ancestry, so I know he was born at Stirling Hill to a granite quarrier father. Cameron died before his first birthday.

2 responses to “7 September

  1. Hi Judy,
    John and Sophia’s grandson, is the mayor of Cambuslang and Rutherglen.
    My maiden name is Sophia Sweeney,but you will know me as Fay.

    • Hi Fay

      That’s very interesting. I’ve never been sure whether John and Sophia had children or not. I think they may have had a daughter? I’d be really grateful if you could let me have further details. As you may want to kept it private I’ve sent you an email.


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